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Meta Refresh EU Values


Online installation

Project realised in collaboration with Bennet Etsiwah, PhD fellow from UdK Berlin in the BMBF joint project Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society.

The project has been presented at the Digital Conference on the Future of Europe of the European Commission.


Starting from the dialogue with Etsiwah on the relationship between European values and growing digitization, it consists in a clone of the official web page of the European Values.

But compared to the original, we added Meta Refresh function code to the clone that we created on the domain This code allows the website to automatically refresh itself every seven seconds.


This operation is both a clear reference to the ironic nature of, and a proposal for the addition of a seventh value to the official six values of the European Union: meta refresh. Our proposal is made from a critical point of view that invites the public to reason about the respect of the values that we all passively accept since being European citizens, about the meaning of these values and about themes like indexicality and mirroring applied to the real.


Online installation:

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