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13 photographs in series

Vinkensport is a photography series realized during the Milan quarantine, which tells of love through thermo-demographic control. The thirteen shots represent the relationship that exists between the artists of the Torremozza duo (Marco Antelmi and Francesca Consonni), recorded by the scanning of a radiometric thermal imaging camera.

The survey tool invades the private field, it scans their feelings, measures the body temperature and at the same time excercises a control that defines a new biopolitic spectrum. The pixelated bodies form sculptural groups which remind of abstract mappings, the most intimate gestures compose poor images, opaque evidences.

As the birds of the Vinkensport desperately sing disoriented for hours, the subjects of the pictures are no more able to find themselves in the iconosphere and because of this they result hyper-gaudy. As a result, blind images derive, without parameters nor scales to be referred when measuring a heat that is actually not measurable.

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